Press Roundup

This year our work garnered a lot of attention on social media and in online and print media. View our slideshow of screenshots to get a sense of where our media ended up! To see the original posts links are… Continue Reading →

A message to us from Trans Canada

Survival Media Agency Co-Coordinator Robert van Waarden has been producing the “Along the Pipeline” project, which aims to put a human face to those living along the proposed Energy East Pipeline route in Canada. By leveraging the power of visual… Continue Reading →

Shut It Down For Micheal Brown – NYC Protest


People’s Climate March

Bayou Rising

Bayou Rising was an historic event in South Louisiana put on by the Houma Nation and Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy to bring awareness to the grave impacts of climate change in the region. Currently, South Louisiana is… Continue Reading →

PSM Photographs Meeting between US Administration and Indian Youth Climate Network

Flood Wall Street

Traditional Farming in India Provides Farmers with Stability — In Photos

Barahnaja (Barah-twelve, Anaja-Grains) means growing twelve or more crops in a synergetic combination; pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fibers, and spices are grown for optimal crop production in the village Jardhar Gaon in Northern India. Our hosts explained that these crops were meticulously chosen and… Continue Reading →

Our Power Richmond– In Photos

Reject and Project


Remember that Chemical Spill in Charleston, West Virginia?

Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence

Mountain Justice Spring Break 2014– In Photos

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