Project Survival Media (PSM) is a global youth journalism network dedicated to broadcasting stories of survival and ingenuity in the face of climate change.

Our media teams are reporting on the most compelling climate stories, amplifying voices underrepresented by traditional media, and strengthening the NGO and political dialogue on what is possible in order to ensure our survival.

What We Do:

1. We send youth photographers, videographers, writers and producers to the UN Climate Negotiations to report on frontline communities and under-represented perspectives. Learn more

2. We run a collaborative global new media program, Solutions for Survival, that shines a spotlight on how frontline communities are already dealing with the impacts of climate change, and the solutions they are finding that need to be shared. Learn more

3. We partner with independent media-makers who are well-versed in climate issues, media outlets that are in search of compelling climate stories, and organizations who can put our stories to strategic use, strengthening the climate movement and sparking grassroots innovation.