We use visual media to spark measurable social impact on the most important challenges of our time.

The challenge that we as a movement face in communicating around the issue of climate change is multi-fold:

  • Many people, especially in the United States, don’t believe that climate change is really happening, and they have never heard from someone who is dealing with its effects, now.
  • The climate movement so far has missed the mark by talking too much about seemingly abstract targets, and not enough about people.
  • Many people all over the world understand how serious climate change is – but are too overwhelmed by the issue’s enormity and complexity to take strategic action.

Enter the power of visual media: People all over the planet process information best through personal narratives. We believe that when faced with compelling visual story-telling, these people can be moved into action if they are inspired by digestible, simple, and moving stories featuring people just like them.