In the world of visual media production, for every person featured in front of the camera, there are tens more behind the scenes whose tireless effort is critical to making it happen.

Thank you to the following people who have been responsible for providing the early support that has enabled Project Survival Media to flourish. Our “Executive Producers” contribute to PSM’s work at levels ranging from $500 to $5,000 to $25,000 consecutively for two or more years. 

Tiffany Schauer
The Ettinger Family Foundation
Richard Graves
Radney Wood

Join the Core Support Team

Thank-you also to the Monthly Project Survival Media Core Support Team. Team members listed below contribute to the project at one of the following levels:

  • $15/month: “Boom Operator”
  • $25/month: “Camera Technician”
  • $50/month: “Screenwriter”
  • $100/month: “Producer”

Justin Lee
Anisha Desai
Michele Shahin
Christine Irvine
May Boeve
Kim Teplitzky
Levana Saxon
Morgan Goodwin
Lindsey Franklin
Nina Rizzo
Leah Lamb
Joshua Lynch
Erin Condit-Bergren
John Heintz

Join the Monthly Core Support Team

The PSM Core Team’s support is essential to our media teams around the world, and to the Central Team’s ability to continue to make PSM our number one priority:

  • $15 USD buys High-Definition tapes for Team Kenya’s video work for 1 media cycle
  • $650 supports Team Kenya to go into the field for 1 shoot
  • $2,500 supports two part-time Central Coordinators and a Social Impact Consultant for 2 months
  • $20,000 supports full production of 2 S4S documentary video shorts, and 4 multi-media blogs or photo-essays.

Join the Core Support Team Now