Mangroves: The Green Coastal Infrastructure

Shubhangi Singh: India has a coastline of roughly 7516.6 Km across it’s 13 States and Union Territories. While India is racing towards being recognised as a global leader in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the nation’s cities have been scaling up… Continue Reading →

The Little Rann of Kachchh

Shubhangi Singh: How often does one experience a terrain that is as dramatically transformative in it’s characteristic as one found in The Little Rann of Kachchh? Like a seasonal cloak, The Little Rann of Kachchh (LRK) adorns itself with different landscapes,… Continue Reading →

Why save the vultures?

Shubhangi Singh: As urbanisation continues to engulf us at a raging pace, natural elements that once functioned effortlessly through it’s own evolutionary patterns are, often, the least considered collaterals in present day India. Along the path of this haphazard, yet, steady… Continue Reading →

Understanding the seasonal flows of water

  Shubhangi Singh: In a country as diverse as India where the mountain meets the ocean and the deserts blend into forests, one hallmark of beauty that is often left out of the travel catalogues is the outstanding Loktak Lake in Manipur…. Continue Reading →

Fishing Holiday- Nature At Work

Shubhangi Singh: “The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed” – these words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi could not ring more true is this age of rampant consumption.   India has a vast coastline, and hence, it also… Continue Reading →

Let the river flow

Shubhangi Singh: Water without a doubt is a precious resource, the dire conditions of which, has been in discussions and debates for a good many years now. Rivers are the lifeline of any healthy ecosystem. Our very survival depends on the water… Continue Reading →

A Healthy Lake Creates A Healthier Economy

Shubhangi Singh: Ever wondered what it is that we lose when we lose a lake? Is it just water that we are losing? Or is it much more than that? When a significant number of people are dependent directly or indirectly… Continue Reading →

Kanwar Jheel: Where floods bring good news

Shubhangi Singh: Floods are generally considered undesirable and destructive elements of nature and, often times, they have proven to be absolutely catastrophic but the same overflowing of rivers have the potential to create some very favourable Wetlands. These Wetlands can serve… Continue Reading →

When Elephants and Humans Cross Paths

Shubhangi Singh: Elephants play a very important role in the India. They are integral to not only the Indian ecological panorama but also to it’s cultural and religious landscape. Various forms of motifs representing the elephants have deeply embedded itself in… Continue Reading →

Managing Bycatch

Shubhangi Singh: Technology might be man’s biggest achievement. It may also be of man’s greatest concern. Large-scale machines have proven to industrialise production thus, multiplying benefits by many folds but these mass encounters can also be hazardous to small beings that… Continue Reading →

The Good Calms of Ashtamudi

Shubhangi Singh: Often, there are circumstances that threatens to erode the very fabric of our existence by shaking the foundations of what our livelihood, our economic structures, and our communities depend upon. While some may have no choice but to be… Continue Reading →

Western Ghats: The Green Gold of India

Shubhangi Singh: Do you ever relate the health of a forest directly with the well being of your family? A passing thought of this might, perhaps, make it’s way in and out of our consciousness as we drift through yet another… Continue Reading →

Managing Willows in Wular Lake

Shubhangi Singh: The pristine valley of Kashmir in Northern India is a beautiful land of meadows, lakes and river that is, still, reeling from the aftermath of devastating floods that engulfed the region for two successive years. These floods damaged numerous… Continue Reading →

Chilika’s Health Brings Wealth

Ritu Bhardwaj: Spanning over 1,165 sq km, the Chilika Lake is Asia’s largest saltwater lake. Over 200,000 fishers and 400,000 farmers depend on the lake for their livelihood. But what makes this lake stand out is its biodiversity.Over a million migratory… Continue Reading →

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