A global youth journalism network reporting from the front-lines of climate change.


Climate change is no longer only about science and greenhouse gas targets. It is also about Survival.

Project Survival Media (PSM) is a global collaborative youth journalism network, dedicated to broadcasting stories of survival and ingenuity in the face of the climate crisis. Our media teams are reporting on the most compelling climate stories, amplifying voices underrepresented by traditional media, and strengthening the NGO and political dialogue on what is possible in order to ensure our survival.

What We Do:

1. We send youth photographers, videographers, writers and producers to the UN Climate Negotiations to report on frontline communities and under-represented perspectives. Learn more

2. We run a collaborative global new media program, Solutions for Survival, that shines a spotlight on how frontline communities are already dealing with the impacts of climate change, and the solutions they are finding that need to be shared. Learn more

3. We partner with independent media-makers who are well-versed in climate issues, media outlets that are in search of compelling climate stories, and organizations who can put our stories to strategic use, strengthening the climate movement and sparking grassroots innovation.


Jamie Henn, Communications Director for 350.org, on Project Survival Media: “We’re never going to solve global warming without elevating voices from front lines. Project Survival Media helps document not only the impacts of the climate crisis, but the bold and creative solutions springing up around the world. For an organization like 350.org, Project Survival Media is an incredibly valuable resource and inspirational model of youth-powered change.”
Our Theory of Change

The challenge that we as a movement face in communicating around the issue of climate change is multi-fold: Many people, especially in the United States, don’t believe that climate change is really happening, and they have never heard from someone who is dealing with its effects, now. The climate movement so far has missed the mark by talking too much about seemingly abstract targets, and not enough about people. Many people all over the world understand how serious climate change is – but are too overwhelmed by the issue’s enormity and complexity to take strategic action.

Enter the power of visual media: People all over the planet process information best through personal narratives. We believe that when faced with compelling visual story-telling, these people can be moved into action if they are inspired by digestible, simple, and moving stories featuring people just like them.

What’s more, we know how to use visual media to spark measurable social impact…and we think that Gasland, the film, and the media campaign around the Keystone XL action provide critical lessons. Learn more

In 2009, PSM:
- Worked with 14 youth at the UN Climate negotiations in Copenhagen to cover stories of survival at the negotiations, focusing on and working with youth, indigenous peoples, and Least Developed Countries.
- Managed Media Curate Systems for the 350.org/Avaaz.org/Tcktcktck.org International Day of Climate Action: World Wants a Real Deal.
- Had our work featured in outlets like the Huffington Post and It’sGettinhHotInHere

At the UN, in 2011 PSM:
- Managed a team of 8 extraordinary youth journalists from India, Kenya, US, and the Netherlands at the UN Climate Negotiations in Durban, South Africa
- Managed photography team for the #COP17 Reality Check Action in Durban, South Africa

At the same time, PSM leadership has been active at the helm of the US Climate Movement:
- Managed media teams for Power Shift 2011
- Collaborated with the Working Films Reel Power documentary and engagement series, and
- Managed photography teams for the Tar Sands Actions against the Keystone XL Pipeline.