A global youth journalism network reporting from the front-lines of climate change.


Climate change is no longer only about science and greenhouse gas targets. It is also about Survival.

Project Survival Media (PSM) is a global youth media network producing photo and video stories of survival and ingenuity in the face of climate change. Since the mainstream media continually fails the climate movement, PSM is gearing up to develop a new media movement on climate change by increasing the capacity of young media makers all the world in a number of ways:

1. We run a global documentary program called Solutions for Survival, that shines a spotlight on how frontline communities are already coming up with the innovative solutions that our world needs in order to cope with the impacts of climate change. Learn more

2. We train emerging youth media makers on the best practices that we have developed over the years covering the movement for climate justice– both in a technical capacity around equipment, social media, and sites for managing huge archives of work, and in a tangible capacity including building and maintaining relationships, working with under-resourced organizations, nuances in the climate movement, and effective tools for story telling.

3. We run a fee-for-service operation called the Survival Media Agency, that highlights the work of visual media professionals, who are passionate about climate change issues and have a grasp on visual strategic thinking. We have compiled their work in an easily searchable platform, which allows organizations in the climate movement to hire a professional who is geographically close to them and can provide them with the highest quality product they need to advance their work.

Testimonials about our work from allies in the movement: 

Jamie Henn, Communications Director for 350.org: “We’re never going to solve global warming without elevating voices from front lines. Project Survival Media helps document not only the impacts of the climate crisis, but the bold and creative solutions springing up around the world. For an organization like 350.org, Project Survival Media is an incredibly valuable resource and inspirational model of youth-powered change.”

Whit Jones, Campaign Director for Energy Action Coalition;  “It takes a really good eye to capture the passion and spirit of over 7000 activists at an event like Power Shift 2013, and Project Survival Media did it gorgeously. When you work with Project Survival Media you aren’t just working with great photographers, you’re working with some of the best visual strategists in the movement.”